Press meeting at the Caorso nuclear power plant

29 November 2021


This morning, a press session was held at the Caorso nuclear power plant during which the plant manager, Engineer Viviana Cruciani, outlined the main decommissioning activities currently in progress.


The meeting also featured the visit to two construction sites.

First, the site hosting the civil works for the first of the three temporary repositories is being completed with the installation of the two bridge cranes and the roof's construction. After being demolished and rebuilt, the site and its three repositories will be equipped with the latest safety systems, thus avoiding the need to build new interim storage facilities to house the waste generated by the upcoming dismantling activities.

The second is the site where the so-called waste route will be completed by the end of the year, a connecting track that will make it possible for whatever is dismantled in the reactor building to be transferred to the turbine building.