Information note - Caorso power plant 29 July 2021

29 July 2021
In the last few days, at the Caorso power plant, a small amount of liquid was released from a cask in a controlled area of the site during the scheduled handling of parcels containing radioactive resins.

Sogin's technicians intervened promptly and carried out the radiometric checks foreseen for the small portion of flooring involved, less than one square meter, and then immediately cleared the area, removing the spilled liquid with absorbent material. As a precautionary measure, the layer of asphalt involved was also released.

The container was immediately secured inside a polyethylene bag and then placed in a container known as an overpack, which was then placed in the container that will transport it to the Slovakian plant in Bohunice. This activity is part of the project to transfer and treat approximately 5,900 drums containing resins and radioactive sludge at the Slovakian plant to reduce their volume by 90%, avoiding the need to build new storage facilities at the site. ​