ICPF: installation of bridge cranes for the storage building begun

15 December 2021

At the ITREC plant in Rotondella, work began today on the installation of the first of the three overhead cranes planned for the DMC3/DTC3 temporary storage facility, currently under construction, which will be annexed to the Finished Product Cementation Facility (Impianto Cementazione Prodotto Finito, ICPF).

The first bridge crane was positioned, employing a 100-tonne mobile crane, in the storage area that will temporarily house the two casks, namely high-strength shielding containers in which the fuel elements currently stored in the ITREC pool and coming from the US Elk River reactor will be placed pending their transfer to the National Repository. Therefore, the bridge crane will be used for the future handling of the casks inside the repository.

At the beginning of 2022, following the casting of the first part of the repository floor at 12.55 meters, the remaining two overhead cranes will be installed to serve the repository area where the approximately 170 items resulting from the cementation in the ICPF will be stored.