Caorso hosts IAEA technical meeting

06 December 2021


The Technical Meeting on Advancing Human Resource Development and Competence Building for Decommissioning,, organised by the IAEA as part of the IAEA-SOGIN Collaborating Centre, was held at the Caorso power plant from 29 November to 3 December.

The meeting, aimed at defining strategies for developing and maintaining expertise in decommissioning and radioactive waste management, was an opportunity to share knowledge and innovative solutions among the participants.

The meeting, opened by Christophe Xerrì, Director of Fuel Cycle, Waste Technologies, Decommissioning and Research Reactors of the IAEA Nuclear Energy Department and coordinated by Francesco Troiani, Director of Business Development and Technological Innovation, and Viviana Cruciani, Head of Decommissioning Caorso, was attended by about 40 technical and scientific experts from the various Member States, as national delegates, partly in attendance and partly via video conference.

During the five days that also featured a tour in the plant and a test of hardware technologies developed by Nucleco, the international delegation discussed the subjects of:

  • ​application and implementation of digital and innovative technologies in decommissioning
  • transfer of highly specialised know-how to future generations
  • creating databases and networks to promote the worldwide exchange of expertise and experience

Anna Francesca Mariani, Operation Manager Fuel Cycle and Ispra-1 for Sogin; Flaviano Bruno, Head of Radwaste Management and Nuclear Materials; Federica Pancotti, Head of Technological Innovation and, for Nucleco, President Nadia Cherubini; Marco Del Gatto, Head of Processes and Mauro Egidio, Head of Nuclear Accounting and Characterization took part in the event.