Caorso, artefacts with radioactive sludge and resin treatment residue return from Slovakia

23 December 2023


The fourth and final transportation of 100 artefacts containing residue from the treatment of 860 tonnes of radioactive resin and sludge from the Javys plant in Bohunice, Slovakia, to the Caorso (Piacenza) power plant was completed yesterday. Placed in four containers, the last 24 artefacts were returned in two road vehicles under the control of the various authorities in charge. 

Between 2020 and 2022, Sogin sent 5,860 220-litre drums to Slovakia, of which 5,500 contained spent ion exchange resins (800 tonnes) and 360 contained radioactive sludge (60 tonnes) generated during the plant’s previous operation. This waste was incinerated and conditioned in Slovakia through a treatment that reduced its initial volume by more than 90%. 

Their removal had also allowed Sogin to empty the ERSMA temporary repository where upgrading work is now underway. The facility will soon house the waste to be generated by the forthcoming dismantling activities of the vessel and reactor building internals. The 100 artefacts returned were stored in the ERSBA 2 temporary repository, which has been upgraded to current safety standards, without requiring additional repositories, and are now ready for delivery to the National Repository as soon as it is available. 

 The total cost of the transfer and treatment of the radioactive drums and the return of conditioned artefacts was €37 million.​