ANAC and Sogin sign a protocol of collaborative supervisory action

28 November 2023


Today National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) President Giuseppe Busia and Sogin President Carlo Massagli signed a protocol of collaborative supervisory action on anti-corruption and transparency to provide greater support to Sogin in developing and strengthening its corruption prevention and transparency strategies. The protocol indicates four areas of collaboration: support in preparing the three-year Plan for Transparency and Corruption Prevention, support in monitoring the prevention measures adopted, support in monitoring transparency obligations, and monitoring the activities carried out by the Head of Transparency and Corruption Prevention (RPCT) in matters falling within the Authority's competence.


This agreement complies with the terms and conditions set out in the Regulation for the exercise of collaborative supervision in matters of anti-corruption and transparency (Resolution no. 594 of 7 December 2022). 

 ‘With this protocol, the Authority will support Sogin in fulfilling its mission’, announced ANAC President Giuseppe Busia. ‘The collaborative vigilance exercised by ANAC on entities and public administrations is not only one of the most effective preventive tools against misconduct, allowing it to intervene promptly and guarantee legality, but also helps conduct activities more effectively under the banner of maximum transparency and controllability and perform work better and faster in the general interest.’ 

‘With today's signature’, commented Carlo Massagli, Chairman of Sogin, ‘we establish a virtuous relationship with the Authority that will allow us to consolidate our strategies and the Company's entire system of corruption prevention and transparency, both for planning and designing measures and for their implementation and monitoring, with the aim of being increasingly more efficient and effective in our activities of dismantling nuclear plants and radioactive waste management’.