Sogin integrates the procedures for sending comments on the documentation under public consultation

22 February 2021


​Sogin hereby reiterates its commitment to ensuring the widest and most transparent participation in the public consultation process regarding the location of the National Radioactive Waste Repository.

As of today, comments can be sent by registered mail or courier to the address of the Company's headquarters, as well as digitally. 

In order to ensure the widest possible participation in the public consultation process regarding the siting of the National Radioactive Waste Repository and Technology Park, and to respond to the legitimate requests of the areas interested in expressing their comments and technical opinions in as detailed a manner as possible, Sogin has supplemented the systems for submitting comments in digital format provided for by the law with the submission of documentation in paper form or on optical media (CD-R and DVD-R). 

In particular, any additional material supplementing the technical opinions already sent to​ can be delivered by registered mail or courier to the address of Sogin's headquarters, provided that it does not exceed 20 MB in size, as determined by the technical limitations of the Certified Electronic Mail (Posta Elettronica Certificata, PEC) system. This new procedure is explained in detail at

In addition, the 1,500-character-limit set for the abstract of the comments has been changed to 6,000. Sogin hereby reminds the participants in the public consultation that this space is intended to contain, where necessary, a summary of the content produced in the attached documentation, which will be subject to analysis and evaluation in view of the National Seminar. 

In this respect, Sogin would like to point out that Art. 27, paragraph 3 of Italian Decree Law 31/2010 establishes that "persons with qualified interests may submit observations and technical proposals in written, non-anonymous form by sending them to a specifically designated e-mail address of Sogin SpA". Therefore, the procedure for the submission of comments by e-mail indicated in the reference standard has been expanded to include the possibility of supplementing digital submissions with paper or optical documents.