Saluggia site’s registration at EMAS has been confirmed

13 July 2022
The Environmental Declaration of Saluggia plant has been updated and its registration at EMAS has been confirmed by the Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Committee. 

The renewal process has been completed thanks to Sogin's commitment to improving its environmental activities and performance and reporting to stakeholders, in line with the best environmental management standards required by EC Regulation no. 1221/2009, as amended by EU Regulation no. 1505/2017 and EU Regulation no. 2026/2018.

The Environmental Statement, which has been validated by an external Verification Body and submitted for approval to the Ecolabel and Ecoaudit Committee, is a transparency and information tool about Sogin's mission and its dedication to environmental protection. 

All Environmental Statements (in italian language) are available in the Reporting section​.