Sogin is a state-owned company with a single shareholder, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which holds the entire share capital.
Sogin's strategic and operational guidelines are defined by the Italian Government.
Sogin Group started on 16th  September 2004, after the acquisition of 60% stake in Nucleco SpA.
The Board of Directors, named on 20th July 2016, is composed of: Marco Enrico RicottiLuca Desiata​Patrizia Feletig, Fabiana Massa and Alessandro Portinaro.
The Chairman is Marco Enrico Ricotti and the Chief Executive Officer is Luca Desiata.
Sogin’s administrative/accounting and supervisory bodies are:
■ The Board of Statutory Auditors
■ The State Accounting Office Delegate
■ The Surveillance Body
The Board of Statutory Auditors, who will remain in office until the approval of the year 2019 balance, is composed of:
  • Luigi La Rosa (President since 9th February 2018)
  • Pietro Voci (President until 9th February 2018)
  • Angela Daniele Iannì (Standing Statutory Auditor)
  • Luisa Foti (Standing Statutory Auditor)
  • Maurizio Accarino (Alternate Statutory Auditor)
The Surveillance Body, named in 2016, is composed, in compliance with the requirements of autonomy and independence, by:
  • Francesco Santangelo - Chairman (external member)
  • Alessia Fulgeri – (external member)
  • Mariano Scocco – (Sogin Internal Auditing Director)